• Delfin 3533 / 3534 / 3535
The Mistral 3533 and 3534 is one of the most compact and powerful three phase industrial vacuum cleaner in the world. Compact and silent, it has been developed on years of experience in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where it is often used for fixed application on third parties machines.

  • High filtration efficiency , filter efficiency detector, integrated filter cleaning system
  • Maintenance free motor suitable for continuous duty 24/7 work
  • Possibility to vacuum dust, solid material, liquids at the same time
  • Detachable collection bin with possibility of using disposable bags
  • Very low noise level. 

  • The three-phase industrial vacuum Mistral 3535 is the most powerful version available on the compact Mistral chassis. This industrial vacuum cleaner is in fact equipped with a 4 kW turbine, capable of guaranteeing excellent vacuum and air flow performances, even in continuous 24/7 applications.


    As every other industrial vacuum cleaner in the Mistral line, the 3535 can be configured with a myriad of different options to meet any requirement. Class M, H (HEPA or Absolute) filters, NOMEX filters (resistant to high temperatures up to 250 °) or even PTFE filters can be mounted for the suction of the finer or hazardous dust.

    The Mistral 3535 vacuum cleaner, thanks to its incredible quietness, the possible total construction in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 and its many other features is a vacuum cleaner ideal for laboratories and production lines in the pharmaceutical industry.
    It is particularly suitable for extracting dust on compressing machines and capping machines used in the production of pharmaceuticals, food supplements, coffee, etc..

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Delfin 3533 / 3534 / 3535

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