• Nilfisk-Alto 965-21 SDXC/Attix963-21 EDXC

Wet&Dry vacuum cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning and hazardous dust collection

The tougher the cleaning, the better the vacuum cleaner needs to be. This is why so much thought has gone into the design of the ATTIX 965-21 SD. With 7200 ltr. per minute of air volume, and 3000 W of maximum power, it is capable of fast, productive cleaning of dirt, metal chips and liquid spills.

But the real edge over the competition can be seen in the practical ‘sit-down’ system for emptying the container, and in the special design features that make the work just that much easier. The optional forklift device helps you to empty the container and safes your back. A range of 38 mm and 50 mm accessories are available and makes it possible to handle all kind of jobs.

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Nilfisk-Alto 965-21 SDXC/Attix963-21 EDXC

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